Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fat Flinging Friday

Guess what I did yesterday????


I have been talking about this for, well, five years now!

It's time, ladies. I put on my swim suit on Friday and almost wanted to cry.

I am so excited.

Then I found a blogger who is starting Fat Flinging Fridays. I am all about getting some good lovin' sent my way now that I embark upon a life of fitness.

My goal: Workout five days a week. I really don't care about "pounds" lost. I just want my flab to begin to look fab!!


Sell...Party Of 3 said...

We went running this morning. Paul thinks that he needs to lose weight it's a family effort now. Unlike you, I care about pounds. =)

Sarah said...

I'm way impressed! You go girl! As for Dan? Take him out back and shoot him? :) JK If anything it's the other way around here. Eric is always wanting to go out and do things and I'm usually the too tired and cheap one! Compromise with him...??? What about socializing with us? Would he like that??? Don't tell me if the answer is no! :(

Staci said...

That's awesome! Good luck! Swimsuit season is what's scaring me into Fat Flinging Fridays too!

Briann and Shaun Neeley said...

That's awesome! I started walking a couple days a week with some friends and have really enjoyed it!