Thursday, January 29, 2009


Sorry I was such a downer yesterday! Today, happiness abounds. Aiden fell asleep within ten minutes for his nap and bedtime. Yay! He even went to bed half an hour ago....that's before 9 pm! It is amazing how I love that little guy!!! He sure is growing up quickly, too. He began balancing while he sits two days ago. I am so proud. It has made life a bit easier as well because he has started to entertain himself as he sits. Yay! Free hands for about 20 minutes!!! Here is a cute, cute, cute, video of him and his new found skill.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Details, details

I suppose I should give more details re: the house, huh?
Our place is STILL for sale. It is tiring. We have heard, "it is the best place we've seen. we love it" from everyone who has come through but it stops there. Frustrating. Why can't people just say it like it is? I.E. "we like your place but don't get your hopes up because we aren't the remotest interested."
Anyway....we do not have a closing date set yet. There is not certificate of occupancy yet which means the final inspection hasn't been done. We have to wait for that to be done by the builder and we are getting our own inspection done later this week. Then the appraiser has to come out. Then we can get the paperwork done and move. We are hoping that all this will be done by the end of Feb. Keep your fingers crossed that there is nothing major wrong with the house!
I guess this is the majority of the details....I'll keep you posted!

Flashback Wed.

I'm in a bad mood today so you're stuck with what I have saved on this computer...and it isn't much!

This is Alora at one of my many meetings for youth conference circa May 2008. I took tons of stickers to entertain so I could preside. It worked for a minute!

Friday, January 23, 2009

We got it, We got it!!!

YAY!!! Our searching and waiting is finally over!

This is it:
As long as noone else puts an offer on it higher than we did, it's ours! We can close as late as March 17 but hopefully earlier. Hip Hip Hooray!!
Check out the virtual tour of it on the side bar! (Called Virtual Home)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Oh, the joy of motherhood! The constant wonderings, deliberating, confusion. Here are my current musings:
  1. How do I know when I should stop giving Aiden a bottle before bedtime?
  2. How can I get Grayson to tell the truth?
  3. Why is Alora hitting everyone all of a sudden?
  4. When is Grayson old enough to use the men's restroom?
  5. How do I keep Aiden's socks on?
  6. How do Grayson and Alora understand one another so well?
  7. When will Aiden's hair grow in? And what color will it be?
  8. How does he smell SOO bad?
  9. How much TV is too much?
  10. Is making Alora take at least one bite okay?
  11. Is it wrong for me to enjoy my ice cream in front of Alora because she did not take her one bite?
  12. Will Grayson EVER get over his cough.....That is one question I do know the answer for and it is no! Poor kid.
  13. Will my children be happy adults? Do I demand too much? Too little? Will they ever realize how much I love them?

Flashback Wednesday....a Day late

I've been utterly sick. I hate it. I am now feeling better but I am a bit late for my flashback Wednesday. Here we go back to 1986. I was a wee little lass of 7 years!

Do you remember these toys? I had those bears....what were they called again? I totally loved Teddy Rexbin (sp) but we were not cool enogh to have one! We did have the little car ramp for my sisters, though.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I want it! I want it!!!!

Okay, so I keep blogging about giveaways from I Never Grew Up. Well, can you blame me when they are such wonderful giveaways? I love this site. Really, people check it out. You can find her link on the side bar......

Here is the fantastic giveaway....................................

I LOVE this! Do you know how much faster and happier I can be with this puppy? Imagine Alora sitting instead of touching everything in sight......Sigh.

Here I Go!

I have made the decision! I will go open. I have to learn to live my life and not be paralazyed by what my profession is. Honestly, as scary as it is, Evonne, you are right. If someone wants to find me, they will. So why should I hide? I'm not!
Just a warning, however. I may have to change my title. We shall see. Isn't it sad that I have to consider it?
Well, enough bemoaning and let the opening ceremony begin!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Simply Alora

Alora is simply herself. Nothing more can be said. I love her spunky attitude and tender heart! Here are pictures from this morning....

I would just stop this after she starts playing with her nose.... then she just gets goofy.

Sad Tales

Sad Tales from the unmentioned member of the family: the camera.

I am at ever family function working so faithfully and yet, I have never been mentioned in this blog. I felt used and abused. Finally, I get my opportunity to be apart of this wonderful site and....this is what I get. Terrible. Abusive. Rude. All I ask for is a little respect.

Here is the baby. He is bored. What does Mom decide to do? Take pictures. With the baby close to me. I am scared. He is planning. You can see it in his eyes.

Yes, this is exactly what is appears to be. My beautiful lense, covered with slimy baby hands. Yuck.

The abuse continues.

Look at how intent he is! He will never let go!

I am wordless. No thanks for my dedication.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Here's a little game!

Here is a fun new game. Take the first sentence from your first posting from each month. Put it together to make a story.

Okay, so I just found this little tab so I am writing on it, and hoping this might be the cure for my commentless blog. I hope everyone had a fantastic fourth! We sure did. Dan went golfing with his brothers and the children and I went shopping. Waiting for Aiden to come has made me want to review what we all looked like in the beginning! Pior to having Aiden, I posted some "new life resolutions." Here is a new game! Well, my favorite holiday has come and gone. If you are in the baby stage...check out this great link! I am sad.

Well, that was interesting. It was more fun to review my old posts than to read more story. I think I should spice up my posts!

Just Cute

My two "A's."
I love them.
She loves him.
He tolerates her.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Flashback Wednesday!

Yickaroos! Look out people, here comes 1990!!!

Here I am with my first cousin once removed (I think that is right!), Janessa. And yes, Janessa is a blogging buddy. Happy flashbacking!

Monday, January 5, 2009


I am pondering moving from invitation only to open access. I have some reservations about this but I would be so much happier in life to read bunches of comments! I would love to know what others think on this topic.


The simple joys of being four years old.
Grayson came home from church super excited.
It was a new year of classes.
He received his first CTR ring and very own Book of Mormon.
He was bursting with pride!
What more could a boy want in life?
Do you remember your first CTR ring? I do....

He loves his "scripture power book."

He longs to be an adult and is thrilled that this day brings him nearer that goal.
Congratulations to my CTR A boy!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I am sad. I am losing my hair. It is visible. No more ponytails. :( Are kids really worth the ruin of my body?
I get a haircut. Now I am happy. It is fixable. My hair is growing back. Still no more ponytails, though. Kids are worth it. :)