Thursday, January 8, 2009

Here's a little game!

Here is a fun new game. Take the first sentence from your first posting from each month. Put it together to make a story.

Okay, so I just found this little tab so I am writing on it, and hoping this might be the cure for my commentless blog. I hope everyone had a fantastic fourth! We sure did. Dan went golfing with his brothers and the children and I went shopping. Waiting for Aiden to come has made me want to review what we all looked like in the beginning! Pior to having Aiden, I posted some "new life resolutions." Here is a new game! Well, my favorite holiday has come and gone. If you are in the baby stage...check out this great link! I am sad.

Well, that was interesting. It was more fun to review my old posts than to read more story. I think I should spice up my posts!


Jamie Y said...

That is a fun little game, I'll have to give it a try (if I can ever get caught up on all my posts!) I love the pictures of your two "A's", I'm sure he loves having her as his second mother :)

Amber! said...

Second mother is right! Poor kiddo.