Thursday, January 22, 2009


Oh, the joy of motherhood! The constant wonderings, deliberating, confusion. Here are my current musings:
  1. How do I know when I should stop giving Aiden a bottle before bedtime?
  2. How can I get Grayson to tell the truth?
  3. Why is Alora hitting everyone all of a sudden?
  4. When is Grayson old enough to use the men's restroom?
  5. How do I keep Aiden's socks on?
  6. How do Grayson and Alora understand one another so well?
  7. When will Aiden's hair grow in? And what color will it be?
  8. How does he smell SOO bad?
  9. How much TV is too much?
  10. Is making Alora take at least one bite okay?
  11. Is it wrong for me to enjoy my ice cream in front of Alora because she did not take her one bite?
  12. Will Grayson EVER get over his cough.....That is one question I do know the answer for and it is no! Poor kid.
  13. Will my children be happy adults? Do I demand too much? Too little? Will they ever realize how much I love them?


Sell...Party Of 3 said...

It is funny how we all have the same questions. Savannah has just started going to the restroom by herself. It is has been REALLY hard for me, but she insists. Of course I don't let her go to any old restroom by herself, but I do let her go. boo for kiddos growing up.
Were in this together! =)

MomDaddyO said...

1. When you lose all the bottles
2. Showing the movie Pinnochio and don't put him in a situation that makes him lie. EX: Did you take the cookie? Should be why did you take the cookie?
3. I don't know. Is she frustrated?
4. When he is tall enough to use the urnal.
5. Hot glue
6. It's toddlereeze is a foreign language
7. By the age of two and red
8. Just smells like his parents.
9. When they repeat the script
10 Yes
11 YES
12. But don't let Grayson know you feel frustrated. Be positive
13. Yes, NO, NO YES
Love your Mom
Been there and done that!!!!

Amber! said...