Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Details, details

I suppose I should give more details re: the house, huh?
Our place is STILL for sale. It is tiring. We have heard, "it is the best place we've seen. we love it" from everyone who has come through but it stops there. Frustrating. Why can't people just say it like it is? I.E. "we like your place but don't get your hopes up because we aren't the remotest interested."
Anyway....we do not have a closing date set yet. There is not certificate of occupancy yet which means the final inspection hasn't been done. We have to wait for that to be done by the builder and we are getting our own inspection done later this week. Then the appraiser has to come out. Then we can get the paperwork done and move. We are hoping that all this will be done by the end of Feb. Keep your fingers crossed that there is nothing major wrong with the house!
I guess this is the majority of the details....I'll keep you posted!


Jamie Y said...

oh fun stuff! I just checked out your virtual home and it is GORGEOUS! Hopefully all the details get worked out so you can enjoy your dream house!

Amber! said...

Thanks! We are super excited.

Janessa said...

What a headache! I sure hope everything goes well and things move quickly. Do you dream of your new house every night? Good luck!

Amber! said...

Dan and I actually did dream about the house last night! It really isn't as bad as I wrote. I was just very cranky. I hope I didn't scare are things going for you?