Thursday, January 29, 2009


Sorry I was such a downer yesterday! Today, happiness abounds. Aiden fell asleep within ten minutes for his nap and bedtime. Yay! He even went to bed half an hour ago....that's before 9 pm! It is amazing how I love that little guy!!! He sure is growing up quickly, too. He began balancing while he sits two days ago. I am so proud. It has made life a bit easier as well because he has started to entertain himself as he sits. Yay! Free hands for about 20 minutes!!! Here is a cute, cute, cute, video of him and his new found skill.


Jamie Y said...

He is so cute and I'm glad you've found your new found freedom! I had forgotten how hard it is to get things done with a kid permanently attached to your hip.

Amber! said...

It is hard! Aiden really hates being by himself. He is not an independent kiddo at all! But I sure love how snuggly he is on the other hand! By this time both Grayson and Alora had stopped being so lovey. It is nice that he hasn't.