Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Flashback Wed

My mom grew up all over the place. My grandfather's company moved them from Chicago to Tulsa, OK in between my mom's junior and senior year of high school. She hated it in Tulsa. I have never heard her say a nice thing about it!

So, when I decided to spend several hundreds of dollars to go to Tulsa this past week, I was not thrilled. Thankfully, I discovered that the very little I saw of Tulsa wasn't bad at all! It's just like any other city out there. It is even green! (Seriously, the way she described it, I was expecting nothing but brown dead stuff.)

She graduated from Jinx High School which is a suburb of Tulsa. So, in honor of my weekend trip, here is a photo of my mother not too long after she graduated from high school!

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Errin Courtney said...

JINX?!?!? My nephew is a Union boy. I use to live in Tulsa and loved it there.