Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wazz Up?!?

I am trying to do this post with a little man helping me. It just isn't helpful!

Well, I have been as good as dead in the blogging world this month. It is time to become resurrected, however, and update ya'll on this wonderful, blessed month of October.

In this month I/We have:

  • A yard!! In case you are wondering why there is not a picture attached, read on!
  • A broken camera. :( Darn little girls who think they are photographers.
  • Still no fence. Supposed to be here today but....
  • SNOW!! Today we are having our first snowfall. That makes me believe we will not have a fence tonight.
  • Window well guards put in.
  • Window boxes put in.
  • Cement poured.
  • Been off track and are now on track again.
  • Done Red Ribbon Week at the Elementary school. Did it three weeks ago and doing it again this week for those who were off track.
  • Had the flu. All of us but Dan.
  • Had bugs. Aiden and Alora. Poor little buggers.
  • Molars coming in. Yes, in case you are wondering, that would be Aiden.
  • Lots of classes (cheer and basketball) at the gym.
  • A basketball hoop!! It's amazing how popular you become once you have one of these.
  • Learned how to dribble, and thank goodness for that. It took over month to learn this.
  • Lost five and a half pounds.
  • Gained five and a half pounds.
  • Had several Halloween parties. Fun fun!!
  • Played and played and played with neighbor kids.
  • Started Family Home Evening!!
  • Started a book that I don't believe will get past 5 chapters. Writing is hard!
  • Enjoyed being extremely lazy by avoiding the computer at all costs.

So, that was our month. One day I'll post pictures of the house. It looks fantastic. This is definitely the best yard we have ever had!! (Little does it matter that it is the ONLY yard we have ever had!)

Sorry I've been neglectful of your blogs, all. I will pick up and start reading again soon!!


Janessa said...

My, my, my. You sure have been busy. Sounds like the yard was a huge project. Can't wait to see pictures. Hope you're all feeling better. I hate having sick kids/being sick myself. It's that wonderful time of year:) I can't believe you guys are getting snow. I'm so not ready for that. When you get sick of all the white stuff, come on down for a visit! Glad you're back! Missed ya!!!

Kristina P. said...

Booo for the snow!

J&J said...

Wow, talk about big accomplishment! I miss seeing you on the blog, and am glad to see this new entry! By the way, forgive us for choosing the same blog background, we are in the process of choosing something else, we hope you don't feel that we're "stealing" your cute background. love ya guys!

Lucy postpartumillness.com said...

Wow what a month..

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

Well, you do have enough excuses to why you haven't blogged...all understandable! Glad to have you back in blogville.

Amber! said...

Really, considering it is a whole month that isn't much! I really have been quite lazy and proud of that too!

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