Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Resolution

Grayson decided to run away today.

It is not his first attempt (I am a VERY mean mom!!)

But, I realized that I REALLY wanted a picture of this!

Which lead me to make My New Year's Resolution:

I promise I will be more faithful in documenting the emotional turmoil my children experience in their daily lives.

Here we go!!

I was kind enough to remind him to take his coat. He apparently did not need shoes. I told him next time he might want to remember those, too.

I was going to post a video of Grayson describing his horrific ordeal of having the worst mother in the world but it has been uploading since 3:30 this afternoon. It is now 9:45 and I am officially throwing in the towell.


Kristina P. said...

You are off to a great start!

Jamie Y said...

Hello stranger. I need to get back into blogging mode because I crack up every time I read your blog! Thanks for keeping it real :)

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

Savannah hasn't tried this yet. Wonder when it is coming. First thing I thought is...he is going to need some shoes. LOL.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I love that you took a picture. It'll be great to show him someday when he's older!

Erica Williams said...

That is hillarious Amber!