Sunday, June 27, 2010

I think I am dying

Is anyone else dying from allergies out there?  It has been about a month now.  Symptoms include:
  1. Keeping the house boarded up.  No windows or doors are allowed to open.  Ever. 
  2. Sneezing 20 times in a minute.  It's my new workout.
  3. Inability to do anything.  At any time. 
  4. My contacts have been laid to rest.  Glasses are en vogue!
  5. Wet compresses on my face at night.  Look out baby, I am one hot momma!!
I am ready for this season to be over!!!


Lisel said...

I've had bad allergies lately too. Luckily I don't wear contacts! Hey, and don't you know someone who could get you some drugs for that?! :) Hope you feel better soon!

MomDaddyO said...

I'm sorry....but it's your Dad's fault. Unfortunately he gave you bad jeans ha haha
Go to the Doctor there are meds out should know or at least someone very close to you should know.
Get feeling better.
Love Mom