Sunday, September 28, 2008

A funny story

So, I posted the pictures of the beautiful house too early! We called the real estate agent the day after I posted and he told us the house was under contract but he would be surprised if the sell went through. He further promised us to call us regardless in a few weeks. Dan went golf ing with the Harmon's pharacists the day after that. Well, Dan was chatting with one of his friends that he went to grad school with, Jeff. Jeff started telling him all about this great rambler in South Jordan that has a L shaped back patio with a double sided fireplace, etc, etc. that he put an offer on. Turns out to be the same house! So, we sure hope that Jeff gets the house. He loves it a bit more than we do (as evidenced by what he is willing to pay versus what we are willing to pay). We are going back to the market!

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Jennifer said...

What are the chances in that??? How wierd!