Saturday, September 6, 2008

More changes

Pior to having Aiden, I posted some "new life resolutions." I feel that the change from working mom to stay at home mom required some changes at home. I think I have done well on most of those! As a recap, here were my resolutions and updates on them!
  • Improve my relationship with my Savior and Father. I have done better though not as well as I would like. I have been much more diligent in working on my Personal Progress. I finished a project and 4 value experiences!!! I noticed a huge difference in my life when working on this. I encourage all sisters to do the same, whether in YW or not. Sister Dalton (the new general YW president) spoke at a fireside in our Stake a year ago and stated that Personal Progess is to be worked on over and over again throughout life.
  • Work on scrapbooking each night when the kiddos are in bed to catch up. I started out diligently on this but as I expected, Aiden has halted progress. I will wait for him to start sleeping more regularly before picking this up again. I am almost finished with Grayson's first year, though!
  • Clean something in my house each day. I actually have done moderately well here! I have a new schedule: Monday is laundry day, Tuesday is ironing, Wednesday is bathrooms, and Thursday is dusting/kitchen. I might miss a day here or there but I am happy that this schedule will keep my house in decent condition! If you visit, though, don't expect everything to be clean at once!!! :)
  • Excercise for 20 minutes each day. I have not done well on this but am starting to do better. I was so big at the end of the pregnancy that walking up the stairs was difficult. After 3 1/2 weeks, I am starting to feel mostly normal again. I started working on the Wii fit two nights ago. I am excited to get rid of fat!!!

Here is one more goal that I am going to add to my list: a weekly program (inspired by my friend at I never grew up...see below) of helping the children learn about different topics. We will have a weekly number (math problem for Grayson), letter (for Alora), word (for Grayson), color, animal, musician, feeling, and artist that we will discuss. This is going to take a lot of effort and I am great at starting projects and then forgetting about them as I go on. This will be different!! I'll post more when I am ready to go!


Sell Family said...

I started working on my scrap book last night. Honestly I have never felt better. I felt like ME again! I stayed up unti 2 AM and then woke up at 7 to do some more. If you want to come scrap...I would LOVE IT!! Does your ward still have the scrap thing at the church?

Anonymous said...

good for you! I also have a cleaning schedule adn scrapbook while Zoe sleeps. It helps me stay busy adn keep my sanity. I am proud of you! Keep up the good work.

Linda said...

You are AMAZING!!! I still don't feel like I have a good schedule and Addison is almost 8 months old. I was doing good at exercising until Addison started being awake when Gavin is asleep. Your weekly program sounds good.

Amber said...

Thank you, thank you one and all! Let's just see if I can keep it up. Aiden is, afterall, only 4 weeks old!
Evonne... I have no idea if Linda still does the scrapbooking or not. I hardly go to Relief Society!

Vanessa said...

That will be so great for your kids ! I love the idea of a different musician every month. We listen to a lot of different music but I haven't really started to explain the actual musician just the instruments. I think I am going to copy your idea if that is ok with you ;)