Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Roller Coaster

I am running on a roller coaster of emotion. That is much scarier than amusement park rides. I have ranged from excitment to pure fury. I am now stuck in the fury.
The bank that accepted our offer on our beautiful new house has thrown the wool over everyone's eyes. They are evil.
So, I posted that the builder needed to get a certificate of occupancy and that it had failed it's inspection and there is a lengthy list of fairly minor corrections to make, right? Well, the builder and investor planned on fixing things up to pass but were told by the bank that if they put one dime into that house they will be sued. Yes, that is right. The bank has no intentions of paying to obtain a certificate of occupancy. They expect us to pay because "we are getting such a good deal." If we don't pay, they won't either and the house can not be moved into.
The thing that really makes me so angry is that the bank knew this would happen from the minute they accepted our offer and did not say anything until today. They knew that waiting would put us in a position where we do not have many options. We have three weeks to get out of our house. We can be prideful and tell the bank to shove it (which, in my heart of hearts, I really want to do!) but this would leave us homeless. Is that in the best interest of my family?
ARRGH. I hope they sleep in fear tonight because I am shooting daggers in their direction.


Suzie said...

Yuck Amber, that does not sound like fun! I'm sorry you're running into these obstacles. I hope you are able to find a way to get through this mess & can get settled in.

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

It was nice to see your gorgeous house today, and go shoe shopping! =) I hope that everything works out so that you can move in without a hitch!

Janessa said...

What a nightmare! I'm on the edge of my seat here waiting to hear what happens. Good luck!

Suzie said...

So can you tell us which bank it is??? Might as well give them some bad publicity if they are being punks!

Sarah said...

I'm so sorry! Isn't buying and selling so much fun!? :( I understand the headache and I hope you can get it resolved! That's exciting that you sold your place though! That is almost the hardest part these days! Good luck and keep me updated!

Amber! said...

You better believe I'm givin em some bad p.r. It is Washington Mutual. Surprised anyone? You can expect a letter to the editor after we close!