Thursday, June 4, 2009

Funny, funny, funny

This is what I found when I walked in the house today after talking to a neighbor. Apparently I talked to long.

And, no, I did not find any fingers, thank goodness! Grayson is currently in time out in his room for the little fiasco.

On another totally random note, I have a few crushes going on. I have been debating whether to blog or not to blog but today I have been influenced and must share.

So, all my crushes are on Disney Stars. Pathetic at first until you begin to realize that the only T.V. I EVER watch nowdays is Disney in HD.
Watching Dadnapped the other day I realized that David Henrie is a little hottie. Ya know, he is on Wizards of Waverly Place. I also realized that I have a thing for David's. Not Dave's, but David's. Remember David Duchovny? Yum. I went to school with a hot David, he was gay though. And I was married.
Let me tell you what, those Jonas Brothers are hot enough that a near 30 year old woman can appreciate them. Plus, they make me giggle. Jonas is a nice reminder of the Monkeys, is it not?
So, what infuenced me to share?

WATCH IT!!!! Especially if you appreciate Joe Jonas!!!


Andrea, Mrs. said...

Hahahah! And then again--YIKES! (To both the watermelon and your crushes.)

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

Grayson did that? Oh em gee...that is scary!! Van might be eternal time out.

Erica Williams said...

Watermelon's are hard for a grown up to cut! I can't believe he did that.

Janessa said...

GRAYSON cut all that up! Yikes! Glad there were no fingers in there. I'm totally laughing about your Disney crushes. So funny! Maybe it's a good thing you only watch Disney:) I'll have to let Dan know that a black leotard would be a worthwhile investment.

Kristina P. said...

I'm so glad you're coming to the blogger lunch! What kind of social work do you do?

Jamie Y said...

Ha! I do think Justin Timberlake put him to shame when he did that dance on SNL, but it was definately entertaining! I so want to learn that dance, I'm thinking next family reunion talent show, you in?

Staci said...

Yikes! Mine would be on the longest time out ever!

Maybe I'll have to start paying more attention to Disney :)

john orme said...

A crush on the Jonas brother eh. the oldest is only about 22, You are such a COUGAR!