Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SOS Summer

Going in line with my Pay It Forward Friday I am participating in the SOS Summer of Service plan sponsored by Mom It Forward. This week's focus is on the family.

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Honestly, the best way to improve our society (and BOY does it need improvement!) is by increasing positive family relationships. I cannot tell you how many families I have worked with that are in total disarray. And the problems from one dysfunctional family have long reaching and long lasting devastating consequences.

But the same is true for strong families. I can quickly name several families that I respected as I grew up. They had trust, love, compassion, and fun! I look around me and see many now. I am thankful for all these great examples as I aspire to become one!

My question for you today: what is your family strength? Ours: Dan and I are a team. We support each other 100%, especially in front of the kiddos. I don't believe they have ever heard us say a disparaging remark to one another, let alone fight.

Let's focus on making our families great!


wonder woman said...

I saw that you were going to be at Kristina's lunch and thought I'd stop by and say hi. Hi!

My family's strength -- we like to play together.

Love your blog! Love new moon, love slightly embarrassing celebrity crushes, love crazy college days and smalltown boredom busters. Love love love!

Nana said...

Our Family's Strength is liking each other.

My kids are grown and married, but we still spend a ton of time together.

My husband and I were alway united in front of the kiddies too. Even if we disagreed on something. That way the kids could never divide and conquer.

Jyl (Mom It Forward/#gno) said...

Hi Amber! I came over to check out your blog and what do I see? A SOS post right up top. You rock!!!

It was so fun getting to know you and discussing Hoff photos over lunch on Sat.

jyl (Mom It Forward/#gno) said...

One more thing... I wanted to shoot you an e-mail invite for a blogging event taking place in a couple of weeks. Will you email me your addy to mommygossip AT gmail DOT com? THX!

Cal said...

Our strengths are that no matter how hard things get, we hang in there and work out all the kinks and overcome that obstacle as a family. Our kids have had to learn some hard lessons and be humbled a bit by the things that we have gone through, although it makes me sad to see them have a hard time with things, they seem to understand!
your blog rocks