Saturday, August 22, 2009

What to make?

Megan's Baby Shower is Saturday.


I would love a little help in deciding what to make.

It is an Open House from 3-5 p.m.

I will have a watermelon fruit basket (asst. melons and grapes).My mom is making cream cheese cupcakes and an appetizer of which she hasn't quite decided on yet.
My sister is bringing caramel bars.

So, what appetizer should I make? These recipes are all courtesy of Picky Palate.
#1. Tomato Bruschetta. Yum
#2. BBQ Ranch Chicken and Cheddar Pizza Roll em'Ups

#3. Mozzarella Balls

So, with that out of the way, who would like to win a stay in this hotel?

Yeah, so would I! Someone get on top of this giveaway.


Kristina P. said...

I would eat all of them!

Janessa said...

#1 is the most classy, #2 sounds the yummiest and #3...I'm not sure. I'd have to try it out. Maybe I'm just not feeling cheesy right now. Let me know if you hear of a give away with that motel. Looks fun.

Suzie said...

Go with whatever is easiest to make... What giveaway??? Am I missing something here?

Katie said...

At this exact moment my vote is #2. It looks easy to assemble, easy to eat, and yummy!
PS-I can not believe Grayson is in KINDERGARTEN! Aaaahhh!

Sarah said...

That all looks really yummy!

Erica Williams said...

My vote: BBQ Chicken roll up things! Did you know that Pickey Palate is one of my very favorite recipe sites??? She makes some fabulous stuff!

Anonymous said...

I have made the bruschetta and I loved it!! Everything sounds and looks great so have fun deciding!!

Lucy said...

I just printed the recipes from the site. Hello from the link a thon.