Sunday, December 28, 2008

Adventures of Pon

Who was your imaginary friend? Mine (since I have zero creativity) was Scooby Doo. He, Shaggy, my brother (Bryan), and I were always getting into crazy capers! It is fun to watch Grayson with his new buddy, Pon.
At first I thought Pon was from school, he was always talked about in such a way that I never thought he was invisible! Sure enough, no Pon at Montessori! I have to admit, I enjoy Pon. He is never naughty (thank goodness for that!) and very responsible. Whenever I ask where Pon is, he is usually at work.
Pon has been in a multiple of car accidents, poor guy. These often occur after one of two things happen: 1. We drive by an accident or 2. Grayson is not sitting appropriately in his car seat and we have a safety discussion.
Well, last night after Grayson and I spent a few hours at a baptism, Grayson began telling me about how Pon was fired. Dan and I are assuming that he meant caught on fire as he continued telling me about how hurt he was from the fire. Boys. Don't fret, however, because Pon is just fine. The police and firefighters came and helped Pon. Lesson to be learned: don't light imaginary matches!
****Sidenote: One thing I have been wondering is how to even spell Pon. It's not like I can ask him. Why couldn't Grayson create a friend with an easier name to spell? I mean it can go: Pon, Pawn, Paun....etc. Sheesh.****
I sure love watching him use his imagination and come up with such great stories about Pon. This is the part of childhood I wish would continue forever!

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Sell...Party Of 3 said...

AWESOME! I love that you blogged about it...never to forget how fun they are at this age!