Friday, December 26, 2008

The reasons that make Christmas so Wonderful!
The man I LOVE!
Dan and I
Sorry its blurry!
Pouting for picture time. What a man!


Kim (sister in law) and Alice (mother in law)

Grayson loves Scooby Doo! Again, sorry for the blurriness. Aiden was helping me.

Aiden always brings happiness with his yummy kisses for Grandma Orme.

Who wouldn't be happy holding their baby? I love him so much!

Alora loved her medical kit for her dolls!

Being surrounded with PEOPLE I LOVE
Megan, Myself, Mom

Nichole and Aiden

Dallin, Jaycie, Kylie

Grandpa Woodward, Grayson, Lyndsay

Alicia, Jaycie, Me
And the best reason of all: He who makes it all possible.
I love Him.

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Sell...Party Of 3 said...

Looks like you had a fun filled holiday! Love all the pictures! =) We do need to get together and play...after this week FOR sure! We have company until next Monday.