Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Waiting for Aiden to come has made me want to review what we all looked like in the beginning! Here are some of my favorite pictures of all of us. Please enjoy the lovely teen pics of Dan and I!

Lovely Alora!
Goofy Grayson
Here we are!


Anonymous said...

You were such a babe- what happened? HEHEHE! Okay so really what were we all thinking back then. Your children are so dang cute. I do love the choices for Halloween. What are you wearing? I am debating what to make Zoe be this year.

Amber said...

Do you totally love the perm??? I am particularly fond of the white huge scruncii in my hair that you can't see. Sad thing is that this really is one of my best photos!!!

I don't know if I will dress up or not. I would love to but I don't know if I will unless there is a party somewhere. I don't have a huge costume assortment for myself. I need to build one up though!

If you want...Alora was a flamingo last year. It was adorable! I think it is an 18 month size. It was a Tom should check it out on his website and if you want to borrow it, I'm game!

Sell Family said...

I can't believe Aiden doesn't have hair...I remember how much hair the other two had. Weird.

Amber said...

I know. If I wasn't there I would be skeptical that he was my kiddo! It is red, too. It will be fun to see what shade it will grow. It looks copper in some spots, carrot in others. His eyebrows are so light that he might be a strawberry blonde. I can't wait to watch!