Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Okay, so I just typed this post and it totally didn't work so now I have to do it again, which isn't fun. This is the condensed version!
I have all ready purchased Halloween costumes for the children. I am so excited! Grayson is totally getting into Halloween this year. He looked at several costumes and carefully picked out Darth. He loves Star Wars and is thrilled that I am letting him be Darth (I had put a ban on watching Star Wars since he is little! I have recently lifted the ban. Yeah for Grayson!). Alora was dead set on being Dee Dee Doodle. Not my fave but if it floats her boat! And Aiden will be a snuggly little dragon. Fun, fun! I can't wait to go get Halloween pictures!


Linda said...

Those costumes are so cute! Where did you get them? Does it look like Aiden will be coming any time soon?

Amber said...
I love their infant costumes! They have the Tom Arma collection that is...expensive...but adorable. I just couldn't justify buying one for Aiden this year.
And, no, the little turkey just seems to be right at home. He is not working AT ALL on coming!!
Good news, today is my due date so if he isn't here by my next appt. maybe I'll be induced!