Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Buckaroo Buddy isn't breathing so well lately. It's been going on for about three weeks, which honestly, is typical here.
But I feel bad for him.
Not breathing stinks.
So I do some research were I find:
A big no-no is indoor plants.

Does anyone want two? They are cute! They were gifts from Aiden's birth. I would love for them to move to a new home. They are hearty and do not require much love and attention. Which is why I am sad to see them go.

I must really love my kid.


Sell...Party Of 3 said...

I would love them, but I know that I would most def kill them! I have never been able to keep a plant. Ever.
Good luck in finding a home for them!

Janessa said...

Poor kid. What kind of breathing problems does he have? I thought plants are supposed to be good for breathing...putting more oxygen into the air and stuff. I would love to try and give them a good home. Too bad we don't live closer. Oh, and no rush mailing stuff to me. We'll be here until the end of June.

Erin said...

ooohhoooooh pick me pick me I love plants...and i don't often kill them! I would love to take them. and you could come visit them any time you want!!!

Vanessa said...

Poor baby :(