Monday, April 13, 2009

Random pics of family schtuff

So, my camera died before my sister's wedding two weeks ago, but I have some "before" pics:

Alora practicing being a flower girl.
(She did NOT want to wear her "princess" dress because she wanted to wear pink. Hence a compromise!)
Mom and Sister. You might have to turn your head a bit. Sorry!
The Orme Sisters who are no longer Ormes:
(Note the dress!!!)

Aiden is just so darling in the tub. He loves to swim. He never smiles for cameras, though.

We had a visitor Friday Night. He left all sorts of fun and yummy things hidden in the house!

The trail of jelly beans that silly bunny left!
This pic is out of order, it should go down below. Oh, well!
Grayson on an easter egg hunt at the Orme's house.
Jamie: Note the arm!!! It does make a huge difference!!!!! (My cousin discovered that placing arm on hip as I am demonstrating here makes you look better in pictures!)Phil and Dan before the dunking begins. What a great weekend to get baptized! Way to go Phil!! (BTW, Phil is my new bro-in-law)
Before 9:00 a.m. What smart children I have! They went straight for the good stuff.
Geez, all these pics are out of order! Anyway, more candy! Yum yum.
Easter egg hunt continued!
Finally, here was our Easter Morning. Yup. This picture says it all. It was sad and cranky.
The best I could get (Grayson refused to participate):


Janessa said...

What a fun glimps at the wedding fun. Can't wait to see more:) LOVE the hand on the hip! You've perfected it. Cute Easter pictures. Glad you had a fun weekend.

Sarah said...

Super cute! I didn't realize Phil was getting baptized! Yeah! That's exciting! Fill me in! I'm sorry about Grayson! That's such a bummer! I wouldn't have figured it out either...I probably would have taken him to the doctor and looked like a complete idiot for not knowing what was going on! Hope he feels better soon and no one else gets sick!!