Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Daily Activities

It seems as though we are just starting to settle into daily activities since I've been home. Grayson sure loves playing on the Wii. Here he is "exercising" on the Wii Fit. Both kids love it! Alora works out next to Dan. She is really funny to watch. Grayson is actually getting better at doing some of the exercises! Dan has lost 12 pounds over the past two months. He looks great!
Alora is seen here busily working on her "O X C's" as she calls them. She loves to do anything that Grayson does. He had just finished writing his name and so she had to work on her alphabet, too! See how hard she concentrates? She doesn't sit this still long!!


Sell Family said...

Sorry, but the first thing I noticed is...You got a new dining set, didn't you?? Looks amazing! Love it!
The kiddos are adorable as ever!!

Amber said...

You are on a dining room kick! Getting rid of yours, huh? We've had this one for about 10 months. I love it!!! I am so glad that we did it, we have so much more room to eat. I can actually have my parents over for dinner!! Love ya!