Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Grayson's thoughts

Happy Birthday. (This is from Grayson....) I got golf club. I swing them to the golf course. I got a treasure map and we fight.
Grayson had a great birthday (even though it is only 11:30!) Last night my parents came over and he got a pirate chest full of pirate clothing! Cool beans. Then his uncle Bryan bought him and Alora their own cameras! What lucky kids.
Today he received his first golf club set from Dan and I. Dan took him to the golf course and he loved it. Apparently he is not used to how heavy the clubs are and he had a hard time swinging! I don't think Dan will mind taking him out to practice often. He recieved a bunch of games from Grandpa and Grandma Woodward. We played Hungry Hippos as a family and it is some great entertainment!
Of course, our camera decided to break yesterday. I will have to figure out what is wrong, so no pictures for now!


Sell Family said...

Happy Birthday Grayson!!!! I love you Grayson, and you are my boyfriend. I want you to be my boyfriend. I hope you ate cake. I want to marry you. I love that you share toys with me. I want to share my slippers with you.
When can you play?


I was totally going to have Savannah call yesterday, but I forgot before I left for work. I hope he had a good day.

Amber said...

Grayson says: I love you Savannah.
(That's it.)
When can we get together? My life is pretty open now. What works for you?

Emilee said...

Amber, long time no see. Its Emilee from Snow. I got your address off of Teresas blog. It looks like you are doing wonderfully. your family is beautiful! just thought i would let you know I was checking out your blog.

Amber said...

Yeah! I am glad you did, Emilee! I will return the favor.