Thursday, June 26, 2008

Birthday time!

Alora's birthday ushers in our birthday season. She had her birthday on Tuesday and was cranky as all get out. We could not believe it! Now, she normally is difficult in the afternoons but she is fantastically pleasant in the mornings. Not on Tuesday! Someone must have sent her a memo that she turned two.

Dan and I bought her a bike and helmet/pads. She was so excited until she realized she couldn't pedal. It quickly became the least favorite gift. How does that always happen? Grayson bought her an annoying Barney guitar that they both love. Grandpa and Grandma Orme bought her a tea set (she thinks she is so cool!) and a puppy that goes inside a purse. Grandpa and Grandma Woodward got her a Little People doll house. The kids love it! She is currently very happy with the wonderful gifts she received!

Here are pics of the great day!
Oh, here are the 50th pictures that I forgot to post!


Anonymous said...

You Look wonderful! You are so dang cute pregnant.

Amber said...

I'm glad someone thinks so! I keep looking at the picture and thinking, "Dang! I have wide hips!"