Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Day!

Okay, now is my time for a little venting. This weekend was our Stake Youth Conference and they had headed down to Wasatch Academy in Mt. Pleasant. Unfortunately, I could not attend due to prior family commitments. I am so sad that they had such a rough experience! I started getting phone calls Thursday at 4 from the fireside speaker and I just had a pit in my stomach (for no known reason) until I heard from my 1st counselor at 8:30 ish that night. I am afraid to say that Snow College really let my leaders down. Thankfully, it sounds as though the youth all had a great time and were somewhat oblivious that the leaders were miserable!! It is so hard to not always be in control and to have to let others take over, especially when they do take over and get walked all over! I give a huge shout out to the Granger East Stake YW Presidency who did a fantastic job without their president being there. Sorry, guys. But, happy is OVER!!!!


Sell Family said...

Doesn't it stink to do all the planning for something, and then not even be able to go. I always was so jealous that I didn't get to go to girl's camp! I am glad that the youth didn't see what was happening to the leaders. Frustrating!

Amber said...

It was frustrating. I am so disappointed in Snow College. I have heard nothing but positive so we thought we were in good hands. I was very sad not to be there!!!!