Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy New Years!

Okay, so it isn't really the New Year but I am now ready to make some resolutions! I am feeling like a free woman since I don't have to work anymore. I really think I will miss it in a few months but I am ready to tackle some major challenges, so here are my New Life Resolutions!
  1. Keep up with this blog!
  2. Clean one thing in my house each day. This will break everything up so I will actually get things done instead of getting so far behind that I feel helpless. It is all ready going very well. I just finished dusting!!!
  3. Work on my scrapbooks a little each day. This is a bit of a big goal and so far I have not been able to keep up with it. I have done something at least twice a week, however. I figure the main goal here is just to catch up (I am now working on Grayson's infant pics!) and then to stay caught up.
  4. Read my scriptures each day. Focus more on my Savior. I have such a horrid tendency to get going in life without thinking of Him. How are my children supposed to learn from that?!?
  5. Excercise each day for at least 20 minutes, yes, even now when I am the size of a blue whale. I went to Liberty Park and we walked for about 30 minutes. Go me!! I would love to get into my preGrayson pants. But wouldn't we all? I really need to just focus on being healthy and being happy with wherever that takes me.

That should do her! I know these are lofty goals but I figure that if I get started right now that I can do this. When these become more of a habit, I might throw in some journal writing too!


Linda said...

Good Luck! If you find a way to do all these things let me know because they are things that I struggle to find the time for.

Sell Family said...

Good ideas! I'm going to try them as well...thanks for making me not have to think of goals! =)

Travis and Heather said...

Go Amber! I need to set some similar goals. Oh, and no regrets or anything on being 30. I have always loved my bday, no matter what age, ask me again in 10 years. haha

Teresa Stevenson said...

Hope those goals work out. They are great ones to aim for. Good Luck. Also Terminator not on my list because in reality i don't think I have ever actually seen the movie. Not an Arnold fan i guess.

Amber said...

Teresa, can't say I blame you. I have unfortunately married a Terminator FANATIC. I have to admit that I am a little hooked on the terminator series. We are anxiously awaiting for next season.

Heather....I have to say that I feel the same! Though I am a year away from 30, it fits!