Saturday, September 19, 2009


Sorry friends, this will be an angry post.

I was just called up by some this mom of a woman my sister works with. She started the phone conversation by saying she could ruin my reputation. Say What???? That is all I really should say of this matter other than I totally lost my cool and told this lady off. And, that is not something I do often. The last time that happened was a year ago with a family member who was a bit out of control in front of my children (which I will not tolerate). I really am a non confrontational person but there are some things you don't do, like call someone up and tell them they are going to ruin you. Sidenote: I have NO idea what this is concerning!!! This mom couldn't explain anything to me about what was going on!!! And, that just made me more mad. I then told her that she shouldn't interfere with issues she knows nothing about and that I would no longer talk to her and that if her daughter has an issue with me, she should call me instead of everyone else. Then I hung up.

Then I called the woman up to ask her what was going on and she didn't answer. I did leave a message. I told her I was angry that her mother called and yelled at me. I don't think she will call me back. And if I want to be a better person than I REALLY am, I will need to attempt to contact her until this stupid issue.....whatever it resolved.


Thanks for listening. This was just what I needed. I feel much better now.


Kristina P. said...

Say, what? Who does that?

Lucy said...

Im going to ruin your rep, wow that is a pretty confident statement. Why cant people work things out in a proper manner these days. Who calls and says that?


Suzie said...

What the heck? Do you even know this girls mom? Has there been any juicy gossip about this girl recently that she thinks was started by you?? What in the world is she thinking?
We still love you no matter what some crazy lady says!

Cal said...

That is crazy. Tell her that you are going to sue her for ruining your reputation, that gets them every time.
I would have been so mad too.
I hope it all gets resolved and you feel better about it.

MomDaddyO said...

I am glad that everything came out fine on this. It was a really rotten call to receive.....and no less after the U and the Y lost that day. You handle yourself well. I love you.
You Mom.

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

I was going to leave the same comments that Kristina did...say what? We must discuss. Why has it been so long since we have hung out BTW, oh that's right I suck at being a friend.

Irene said...

You know I HAD to comment on this one!!! wow is all I can say. You know who and you know why too!!! I love you