Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So, I know I was supposed to finish showing the cast but I am sick. I feel real icky. My face hurts all over. And my poor baby has the same thing. Poor Aiden. He is currently clinging to Dan. There really is nothing worse than a sick baby.

Anyho...I digress. I am not feeling terribly clever today so I will just explain what I am doing with this Celebrity Fit Club. This is a series that Dan and I used to watch on VH1. We loved it!! I loved the accountability that people were forced to have in their lives. It wasn't just about weight. It was about being fit emotionally and physically. They did have to weigh in every two weeks and were called out on the carpet when they didn't make progress. Many celebs would give excuses but the judges never let them get away with it.

Well, I am trying very hard not to whine about my weight anymore. It is something that I need to get over. BUT I do need some help being accountable for my decisions (primarily to eat nothing but crap all day long). And I always wanted to see how I could compare to some of these celebs on the show. So, I figured I would do it!

This series actually aired a few years ago. It was very memorable due to the infamous Dustin Dimond. But there were some really motivated celebrities on there so I figured this would be a good team to make myself motivated.

The way it works: I get 100 days to become fit. I will have a target weight and weigh myself every two weeks. I HAVE taken photos of myself and at the end I will compare the two. My main goal is not to lose weight, but to create a habit of working out and eating well and I am hoping that this tired body will tone itself up in the process.

So, I am just trying to have a little fun with getting into shape. I figure if I have to blog about it I will have to do it, right?

So, when I kick this nasty little virus, I'll get going! If anyone does want to join me, feel free!


Kristina P. said...

I hope you feel better, Amber. And we loved to watch Celebrity Fit Club!

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

Can't wait to start getting in shape too! It will be awhile, but I am anxious!