Thursday, September 17, 2009

My cousin rocks!

I really have a neat family. Did ya'all know that? Well, my cousin (who is actually my cousin's daughter so she is like my first cousin once removed or something like that...) has started a little boutique that is so darling! She is having a giveaway as a opening celebration!
Check her boutique and the giveaway out Paisley Pink Boutique .
I mean, how darling! And the prices can't be beat anywhere else!!

I think I really want the baby in the picture to come along with the sling!!


Jamie Y said...

Thanks, Amber! You really are the best first cousin once removed :) I appreciate the shout out! And by the way, I think you look great, but good luck with your new adventure. If only I were that motivated!

Erin said...

hey...could you find out if the baby does come with the sling??? j/k kinda.
definitely going to check this out as my sister us having a baby in December.

oh.. and i miss you. did you hear that they released me?

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

She does rock...she has a lot of cute stuff!!