Monday, March 2, 2009

Walking with Dinosaurs

Mom and Me time is more than fun. It is essential. Here is a post from Grayson's perspective.

Mom and Me time watching dinosaurs is a dream come true.

They had really big trucks with these pictures on them. We took pictures in front of them.

Sometimes Mom can be fun. We are scary dinosaurs here. I am excited to see them. We walked up big stairs to get to the top floor. Now we have to find our seats. We bought a big, big pretzel and some rootbeer. This is going to be fun.

These are big dinosaurs. They are nice dinosaurs. Good dinosaurs are called herbivores.

These are two boy dinosaurs fighting. They are Torosaurs, NOT Triceratops.

I didn't know why there was a bone under the dinosaurs. Mom said there was a person inside that was driving the dinosaurs. I don't think she knows that the dinosaurs are real.

See, T-Rex's can be nice. She loves her baby.

Not only did we have so much fun, Mom also bought me this cool shirt. It is of Utah Raptors. It is my favorite! We bought one for Alora, too. If it comes again, Mom told Dad that she would make him buy the REALLY good seats for ALL of us!


Janessa said...

Wow! What a fun mom time outing! It looks like you guys had a blast. With big pretzles and root beer too, how could you not? Nice naration, Grayson!

Linda said...

That looks like fun. How was it? We debated about taking Gavin but never did.

Amber! said...

It was great. I hope it comes again and seriously, I'd fork out the 70 bucks per seat. It was THAT good.