Friday, March 6, 2009

Family Night

bOuGhT these:

sEtTlEd In

BoUgHt FoOd

("Mom, I'm eating right now!" Sassy, isn't she?)
hAnGiN' oUt

(I swear these aren't my children. They wouldn't yell, scream, dance, nada. Just sit with their ears plugged.)


oN yOuR fEeT!!!!!

RiDiN' hIgH aFtEr ViCtOrY

aLl FuN mUsT eNd.

A very special thank you goes to Mitch at Equity Title who provided us with the tickets.
More gratitude to Jeff Sidwell and his assistant Joyce at Prudential. Without you, we wouldn't have been there (Jazz game) or here (in our house). Thank you for fighting for us.


Sell...Party Of 3 said...

aaah! I wish that we could have seen each other at the game. We could have taken pictures of us in our pink jersey's!! =)
Savannah picked Kyle Korver, because in her words exactly "He's hot, and when I grow up I wanna marry him!"
AND Grayson has good taste, because I wore the pink Okur jersey!

Amber! said...

That is so funny! I had the choice of korver or williams for Alora. I totally chose Okur for Grayson! Partly because his name is so fun and easy to say (prerequisites for Grayson) and he is Freakin' awesome!
I am sad we missed each other. Sorry.

Briann and Shaun Neeley said...

HOw cute! I love the pink jersey!

Linda said...

Wow, what a fun night!

Emily Christine said...

I love the pics of the kids asleep on the way home, so precious!

Jennifer said...

How fun!! That was an awesome game to be at, too! Love the jerseys! My kids have some, too.

Janessa said...

What a fun family night out. Glad you were able to score some tickets and a house! I'd be saying thank you too:) I love the attitude picture.