Monday, March 9, 2009


  • On the way to the Jazz game, I informed Grayson and Alora that we would be in a large building with many people and that it was incredibly important to hold hands and stay with Mom and Dan. We picked up Dan from work and headed off. After a few minutes, Dan started saying, "Now, guys, we are going to a place where there will be lots of people." At this point, Grayson quickly interjects (with as much attitude as a 4 year old can have!) , "We know Dad. Mom all ready told us." Trying not to laugh Dan asked, "What did Mom tell you?" "Hold hands, stay together, and don't get lost. We know it."
  • At the game I was going picture crazy! It was our first Jazz game as a family (minus one). As Alora was eating I tried to take a few pictures but she kept moving. Finally she said, "Not now, Mom!! I am trying to eat." (Yes, that picture in the post below is the picture I got when she said it. See the attitude???)
  • Tonight Grayson put his arms on the inside of the door frame, jumped and kicked his hiney. He then told me, "I am doing my stretchers, Mom. I have to do these every day." I asked, "Why, what will happen if you do these everyday?" "I will die."
  • Today I was hanging pictures. Alora found our box of nails and started playing with them. All of a sudden she said, "Whoa! Check it out. What do we have here?"

Gotta love 'em!